About Me


University of Michigan | Ann Arbor, MI
Ph.D. in Computer Science
Started Fall 2019

Cornell University | Ithaca, NY
B.A. in Computer Science and Mathematics
Awarded Dec 2018


PhD Pre-Candidate
University of Michigan – Ann Arbor | Ann Arbor, MI (Sept 2019 - Present)

  • Designing distributed protocols and systems

Software Engineer
Oracle | Redwood Shores, CA (Feb 2019 - Aug 2019)

  • Implemented features for the TimesTen In-Memory Database

Undergraduate Research
Cornell University (Prof. Robbert van Renesse) | Ithaca, NY (May 2018 - Dec 2018)

  • Evaluating an improved chain replication protocol

Undergraduate Research
Cornell University (Prof. Lorenzo Alvisi) | Ithaca, NY (Jan 2018 - Aug 2018)

  • Extending TAPIR replication protocol to tolerate Byzantine faults

Undergraduate Research
Cornell University (Prof. Nate Foster) | Ithaca, NY (Aug 2017 - Dec 2017)

  • Converted legacy Yacc-Bison grammar of P4 language to ANTLR v4 representation

Teaching Assistant
CS 2110: OOP and Data Structures | Ithaca, NY (Jan 2017 - May 2018)

  • Lead weekly recitation class of approx. 40 students, lecturing new material and facilitating group discussions

AI Research Intern
Institute of High Performance Computing | Singapore (May - August 2017)

  • Applied neural networks to mitosis detection in histology images

Undergraduate Research
Cornell University (Prof. Nate Foster) | Ithaca, NY (Feb - July 2016)

  • Designed and coded a water quality simulation game with GUI

Infantry Soldier
Singapore Armed Forces | Singapore (Feb 2013 - Dec 2014)

  • Completed 2 years of full-time National Service

Cool classes I’ve taken

  • CS 6764: Reasoning About Knowledge
    • The epistemic foundations of distributed computing.
  • CS 4120: Compilers
  • CS 5414: Principles of Distributed Computing
  • MATH 4310: Linear Algebra
    • The set of linear transformations from one vector space to another vector space is itself a vector space? Just mind-bendingly fun.
  • CS 4810: Intro to Theory of Computing
    • You can simulate a Turing machine with a two-stack counter machine!
  • CS 4820: Intro to Analysis of Algorithms
    • Got me addicted to writing proofs. Thus my Math major.


  • Research team lead at the Association of Computer Science Undergraduates, (Cornell ACM Chapter)