Website Blocker Script - The End of Procrastination

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Like most people, I too am guilty of opening my browser to look up some work related thing on the internet, but somehow find myself half an hour later watching cat videos on YouTube, not remembering what I wanted to do in the first place.

Well, such times will be vanquished. This Christmas, I present to all, the product of my crusade against unproductivity, my final procrastination activity to end all procrastination –

A Python script that blocks websites :

It blocks any website you tell it to, eliminating time-wasting targets such as Facebook, YouTube, Reddit, etc while you are working. You could also turn it off when you are ready to waste your time again.

The script works by modifying the hosts file in OSX. Understandably, one could achieve the same effect manually with one’s favorite text editor. But hey, I get to procrastinate on studying for the GRE by writing a nifty Python script!

Merry Christmas ~


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