GoOvid – Software-Defined Distributed Systems

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Configuring and deploying distributed systems might be a difficult task, but it doesn’t have to be this way. Ovid is a contained-based framework for composing distributed services that aimed to simplify such endeavours.

This post introduces GoOvid (open-source github link) – a complete redesign of the original Ovid written in Go. I started this as a side project before I stareted my PhD to learn writing Go and gain some practice building prototype systems. It is work in progress, and it does not yet have the full capabilities of Ovid, such as dynamic reconfiguration. However, GoOvid is in a useful state where it can host arbitrary agents and protocols. A README can be found on the github page, so I will avoid rambling about its usage here. You are welcome to take a look, and contact me regarding any questions or comments!

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